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I’m Emily Gemma, author behind this blog, The Sweetest Thing. I started this blog when my husband, John, was a medical student. The blog began as more of our.

Judging by her blog, the former actress was an actual person who enjoyed.

10 Gift Ideas For The Girlie Girls In Your Life. Who Are Hard To Shop For!!

“Digby is one of our most articulate jazzmen in both his words and his music. Whatever he says or whatever he plays is of great interest to the world of jazz.”

There’s something sweet happening in Plant City, Florida. All this week through March 8, the Strawberry Capital of Florida is celebrating 80 years of all things red, ripe and delicious. Strawberry shortcake, chocolate-dipped strawberries,

Jasmine Sinclair and her lesbian mate are into rope bondage and nylons this time. As you know Bound Honeys website brings together the sweetest fetishes possible.

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Sep 12, 2012  · 6 Responses to “The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer” – Barack Hussein Obama. Pingback: Obama gives tepid response to Embassy.

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Carmen, a senior at Stoneman Douglas, was named a National Merit Scholarship semifinalist last year, the school’s Eagle Eye student blog reported in.

“Julia came into this world with the sweetest little cry that I have ever heard. and gracefully without any real pain or suffering,” Watson had written on his blog at.

It’s not a PH car, but last week I tried pre-production Kia Ceeds in petrol and diesel form: the petrol manual was one of the sweetest-driving cars in the class. The.

My cousin, now in her 50s was in her mid-20s then. My little brother, knobby-kneed and blue saucer-eyed, with the sweetest freckles you can possibly imagine, approached my father with a dandelion and gave it to him as a gift. My.

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Read Part 1 and Part 2 here! Circa 2007, in our dating years. I sent an AIM message to the girl who was interested in him saying I needed to talk to her.

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Today I had the pleasure of meeting a woman who reads this blog and is struggling. I am exhausted a lot of the time. But it the sweetest exhaustion I have ever felt and I am so grateful for every second of it. They just like to hold hands.

It is no secret that Elijah is a busy and inquisitive little guy. Finding toys that capture his attention for long periods of time can be a challenged.

When I was growing up tattoos were taboo and rebellious. Today, they are widely recognized as a definitive, creative way for people to express themselves and tell.

One of her middle school color guard instructors told The Miami Herald that Gina "was the sweetest soul ever. year in a row 10 students have qualified," the.

And although parts of his reputation have persisted, he has grown up a lot and is quite the sweetest horse you could wish to ride. I like to make out he’s still a.

There are different types of kisses that exist in the world, or, still waiting to be discovered in the future, but a forehead kiss is the sweetest and the most.

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Nat Exon, playing against her former side, got the sweetest sense of redemption.

(This one had to be published on the 20th… :P) WOW. Today was a SUPER exhausting day! And one of ‘those’ days that stand out as the best days of your life.

It’s finally here!I’m revealing our modern marble bathroom makeover. This room was a long-time coming. It sat unfinished for two years after our house renovation.

One of her middle school color guard instructors told The Miami Herald that Gina "was the sweetest soul ever. year in a row 10 students have qualified," the.

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I’d still have to say after all these years that the sweetest diabetes thing my husband does for me. This content is created for Diabetes Mine, a consumer.

Now a touching blog post Meghan wrote about her mother has been revealed.

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low I pull it out and I know my dad loves me. It is the first car he ever owned. He and my mother drove home in it from their wedding 53 years ago, and they drove me home from the hospital in it after my birth 50 years ago (everybody.

You’ll Also Love: The Sweetest And Easiest Heart-Shaped Brownie Pops Continue. Jackie Currie is a mother, daycare provider, and the creative spirit behind the.

Beary Sweet Ice Cream Cones. It’s the sweetest time of the year. And these adorable ice cream cone bears will surely brighten your Valentine’s Day.

I have OBVIOUSLY been neglecting this blog, much to my dismay!! There is SOOO many things I have wanted to sit down and write about (Dakota’s killer.

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I wrote a blog called "We Are the One” and then I ended up writing. It’s going to be 25 percent off and also my merch is 10 percent off all the way up until the 28th. ["Sweetest Thing"] will be available on iTunes on the 28th! And I also.

To think of those innocent young faces, at perhaps the sweetest age of childhood — it was too much. And it hit too close to home. I wrote a blog post back then after trying and failing, like so many others, to make sense of it. All I could.